The Pilates Garage owner, Kate Curtis, has always enjoyed an active lifestyle.  Wanting to combine her love of the outdoors and Pilates, The Pilates Garage was born.  We are a boutique reformer studio located in Hillsboro Village.  With a garage door storefront and 6 brand new, Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers, we bring the fresh air in for a fun, effective workout geared to lengthen and strengthen every muscle group.  Our contemporary approach to teaching offers all the traditional benefits of Pilates while also allowing us to infuse additional exercise methods.  Keeping class sizes small we are able to focus on form, creating a safe, intimate environment.

Meet Our Team

Kate Curtis, owner and founder of The Pilates Garage in Nashville, TN


Studio Owner | Instructor

Having grown up a distance runner in Colorado, Kate has always had a passion for health and fitness. Looking to increase strength and flexibility, she turned to Pilates. Its low impact approach to exercise was easy on her joints and helped to positively reinforce the importance of alignment throughout each workout. After noticing results in only a few sessions, she was instantly convinced Pilates was the perfect compliment to her running training.

Kate has since become a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) as well as a fully certified Pilates and Barre instructor through Balanced Body University. Kate’s goal as an instructor is to use the principles of Pilates to help students of all levels find balance, strength, flexibility and a lean, healthy body.



Hannah was born and raised in Montana. Throughout her upbringing she lived an incredibly active lifestyle, hiking, riding horses and camping but most of all, Rock Climbing. Hannah started rock climbing more seriously in college taking part in competitions and many climbing trips. During one of these trips she fell and tore her hamstring, the pain was brutal and the recovery was tough. As she went through the long sessions of physical therapy she started to realize the importance of alignment and muscular balance in both strength and flexibility.

She was introduced to Pilates in 2011 and found it to be the perfect compliment to her lifestyle and workouts. Hannah’s passion for Pilates grew with every class. In 2012, Hannah completed her Comprehensive Pilates Training through Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy and became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT). She is enthusiastic about teaching and helping people. She believes the benefits of pilates are life changing and loves designing personally tailored workouts to fit anybody’s needs. Outside of the studio you will find her enjoying life with her family and friends, climbing, camping and always looking for an adventure.



Shasta played Division I basketball at Troy University, where she suffered a knee and back injury that never quite completely healed. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles where a friend told her about the healing benefits of Pilates, and it was then that her entire perspective on exercise and strengthening changed. She began practicing regularly and became stronger and more balanced than she had ever been while being a competitive athlete. While there, she worked in entertainment management for 7 years, then decided that the corporate world wasn’t the path for her and that she wanted to focus on getting back into health and athletics. Since then, she has become a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has recently completed her certification in Pilates through Balanced Body. Her hope is that she’s able to bring a little bit of a new perspective to Pilates for people that might be afraid to try it out- not all people that practice are graceful, petite dancers. Standing at 6’2″, she wants people to know that Pilates can really benefit anyone, of any age or body type to gain strength and to become leaner and more balanced.

Shasta and her husband moved to Nashville in 2013 with their two dogs, a Frenchie mix and a rescue mutt. In her free time, her absolute favorite thing to do is to see live music. She also loves new restaurants, hanging with friends, working out, watching sports, and the occasional guilty pleasure Netflix marathon.



Whitney is a classically trained ballet dancer who received her BA in dance from Point Park University. The capacity of Pilates to help anyone, no matter of ability or ailment is what led her to become an instructor. Through a study of anatomy, biomechanics, and touch therapy, Whitney received her Pilates mat and full equipment certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. Whitney then became an instructor at Kinected in NYC, working under the direct tutelage of Matt McCullouch and Kelly Kane. At Kinected she had the opportunity to work directly with clients managing symptoms of MS and other neurological disorders. Whitney also taught at New York Pilates, as part of the team that grew Heather Andersen’s original studio to four locations in Manhattan and the Hamptons. After living in New York City for over a decade, Whitney is back in her hometown of Nashville using Pilates to create a unique movement experience for each individual client to help them meet their fitness, health, and wellness goals.



Free street parking is available, as well as 90 minutes free in the Hill Center Acklen parking garage. Be sure to visit the pay station for your free parking ticket to display on your dash.


Wear comfortable workout attire, and bring a water bottle.  


Simply click on the “Book Now” button located at the top of the page. Create an account login with MindBody Online. You can purchase and sign up for classes online or in the studio.


The reformer is a Pilates apparatus developed to train and guide the body through various exercises. Built using a spring resistance system, it allows you to increase or decrease resistance as needed. In addition, the weight bearing stretches are a very effective way of increasing flexibility.

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